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The Loveliest First, Ever.

My two-week-old grandson’s name is Ever. And of course, I’m completely smitten.

He’s the first grandchild of our daughter, Alexa, and son-in-law, Phil.

Love. Joy. Pride. I could stare at this little “peanut” forever. Seeing our only child become such a natural mom and her husband, such a beautiful hands-on dad, just gives me tremendous hope and confidence for the future.

AND, of course, there are now thousands of new opportunities to “do the new."

I don’t think I realized this, but it’s been over 30 years since I changed a diaper!

By the way, when did all this baby stuff change? Someone invented baby wipe warmers? Stuffed toys that mimic what you say and babble it back to you? Onesies that use magnets instead of zippers or buttons? Genius!

I am still trying to sort out my "grandma" name. Nothing feels right yet, so, for now, I’m just "grandma" (open to suggestions, but really hope Ever names me when he starts talking)! My husband is the proudest Grandpa Phil (Yes, we have my husband Phil and son-in-law Phil).

Mostly, it’s amazing to feel something akin to falling in love again.

I learned from doing 365 first-time experiences that your brain creates the feel-good chemical dopamine when you are experiencing something for the first time.

All I can say is becoming a first-time grandmother must be producing LOTS of dopamine. If you are reading this and you are a grandparent, I guess you know all this.

I’m so grateful to be alive to experience it…truly one of the loveliest firsts, Ever.

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