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Company Recruiters: I'm Daring You! 7 Things College Graduates Want

What a relief and joy to see our class of 2022 graduates of Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University have a real ceremony and launch off into a hot job market. The pandemic has been so disruptive. I’m excited these graduates finally have a little “wind in their sails”, many landing their first jobs quickly.

On the flip side, if you are a hiring manager or recruiter right now, (I know because many of you are calling me), you are scrambling to fill all the positions you have open and to retain the employees already working for your organization.

As someone whose been coaching, listening and daring this next generation of communicators, I can give you a little insight that might help your efforts. Maybe this just confirms what you know, but here you go:

  1. The pandemic has made graduates, like many of us, re-evaluate how they want to work and whom they want to work for.

  2. They are worried about paying off student debt, so any employer who can assist with that, beyond a livable salary, will get their attention.

  3. They want the flexibility to work at least some days from home. They really resent the idea of commuting, paying for parking or transportation, just to sit at a desk where they don’t interact with anyone and can do the exact same thing at home. Mondays and Fridays from home are huge for them.

  4. College seniors and alumni share information about what it’s like to work at your company. (Thank you LinkedIn) If you have a toxic work culture or a manager who is abusive, your recruiting efforts will fail, despite your best efforts.

  5. Many graduating seniors feel being aligned with the mission of the company they work for is critically important. They want to be contributing or creating some good in the world; something that makes a difference, helping individuals in some way.

  6. They are looking for growth opportunities. They want to know what a possible career path could look like in your organization.

  7. You can’t manage with fear or shame or blame. It is the fastest way to lose your newest employees in this job market. This generation won’t tolerate it. They’ll be gone before you can say, “what happened?”

And a couple more thoughts: Some of the most successful recruiters realize it’s worth their time to establish strong relationships with college career centers. The more we, as coaches, know about your organization, and the kinds of graduates and skills you are looking for, the more we can help you or direct the right students to you. It’s also worthwhile scouting early for rising talent virtually or on campus at career fairs or arranging special workshops and information sessions so students are familiar with you long before they graduate. There! You’ve been dared and I’m here to help if you are looking for some of the sharpest media and communication grads in the country. Dare on!

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