I Was Dared to Climb a PECO Utility Pole

When the Network of Exelon Women in Philadelphia dared me to climb a utility pole, I was, hmmm…honored? I mean, how many people get an opportunity to do that? And honestly I thought, how hard can it be? You climb up the little metal “steps” on the pole and you climb down. HAHAHA. Boy, did […]

Life after NBC10 News? Here’s the Story.

Dear Friends and Readers It has been several months since I’ve blogged. I’ve been on a new journey in my life; a wonderful, amazing change and transition in my life. It’s taken me a little time to settle in and take time to share…but now I want to tell you about it. Here goes. In […]

The Tarot Card Reading from 5 years Ago…OMG

  So this freaked me out this morning. Follow me on this.  5 Years ago I plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, the first of 365 Firsts to get life unstuck.  New Years Day I will take the plunge again…this time with friends, fans and family to launch the 30 Dares in 30 Days  I Dare […]

What Defines Success….?

  My husband Phil gave me this card Friday,  my last day of my 40 year career as a news broadcaster.  It seems perfect to me  for so many reasons, including the fact that it reminds me of the beginning, the radio job I worked at writing scripts on a black Royal typewriter just like […]